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JH Kim Taekwondo Institute -
Martial Arts Training for Kids, Teens & Adults

About JH Kim Taekwondo Institute

JH Kim Taekwondo Institute is an established martial arts school in Singapore for children and adults, focusing on enriching and training to bring about physical and mental well-being.


In Singapore, the Taekwondo school in Serangoon Central was set up in 2008, and is an affiliate with the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF). We are committed to bringing the same tradition of martial arts excellence to people of all ages and from different walks of life. Students who have stepped foot in our school will be able to attest to the commitment and passion we have in imparting our skills and knowledge in Taekwondo.

Anyone interested in Taekwondo Forms/Patterns will be delighted to know that the school is recognised as a world leader in Traditional Forms. Master Kim is one of a handful of active teachers left in the world who had the honour of receiving personal training from the acknowledged founder of Taekwondo, General Choi Hong Hi.

The other class is Full Range Sparring which utilises striking as well as grappling techniques. The school has been offering this training long before MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) became popular.

We now have two other schools that offer kids and adults classes in Singapore and Korea. Opened in 2015 and 2017 respectively, the Sengkang branch and Jeju branch conduct activities and lessons that are tailored for children and adults of different levels.

Among all taekwondo Singapore school JH Kim institute is a well established and one of the best in providing professional lessons and training.One of the best institute for Martial Arts in Singapore where training and lessons are provided for all forms.


JH Kim Taekwondo Institute was founded in 1974 by Grand Master Kim Jae Hun in Boston, USA, and is one of the best known Taekwondo schools in the country. The story of our school began with Grand Master Kim moving to Boston in 1971 to attend MIT. He started teaching Taekwo-do at area universities, where his classes quickly filled up with eager students as people took notice of Mr. Kim's unique teaching style. They recognised the value of Mr. Kim’s approach, which combines an analytical approach acquired through his academic studies at Western universities, with special expertise developed in the East by Taekwondo Masters.

When Grand Master Kim's Taekwondo classes at the universities could no longer hold the burgeoning number of students coming to him from all over the Boston area, Grand Master Kim decided to open a Taekwondo school of his own, where his students could practise under his supervision day and night. Thus, the Jae Hun Kim Taekwondo Institute was born on July 15, 1974, on Brookline Avenue in Boston.

Grand Master Kim's unique teaching style has garnered much success for the Institute, attracting Taekwondo students of all ages and backgrounds, from around the world. It currently operates schools in the US, Singapore, Korea, Ireland, and China. The institute is especially well known for two of its unique classes.

Our institute is mentioned frequently as a premier Taekwondo school in the world by various martial arts organisations. In 2009, J H Kim Taekwondo Institute was selected as the top Taekwondo school in the world by Mookas Media, the world's largest martial arts media corporation, and we received the "2009 World School of the Year Award" from the same organisation.