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JH Kim Taekwondo Institute -
Martial Arts Training for Kids, Teens & Adults



Family Taekwondo

Who is this for? 

Families (parents-kids, husband-wife, siblings) who would like to learn and progress on this form of martial arts together.

What will you learn?

The curriculum can be customized according to the groups’ needs and the areas of focus can include:

  • Traditional Forms
  • Taegeuk (Modern) Forms
  • Kicks, punches, strikes and sweeps
  • Take-down skills
  • Ho Shin Sool (self- defense techniques)
  • Grappling techniques
  • Full range and integrated sparring
  • Competition (Olympic style) sparring

What are the benefits?

Taekwondo, when practiced regularly and properly, helps individuals to maintain fitness and general physical well-being. As the martial arts classes are conducted for the entire family, it will bring about a greater sense of familiarity and family bonding. It is especially important for kids who are more reserved and would prefer to have a familiar face around – someone they are comfortable with, and for the adults to spend some quality time learning new skills alongside their children.