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Head Instructor Yoon Dae Ung is a native from South Korea – homeland of Taekwondo. He has been practising the martial arts since 1989, and holds a 6th Dan Black Belt conferred by the distinguished Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters).

Master Yoon has been coaching since 1999, working with entrant to experienced Taekwondo players of all ages, with the last four being dedicated to the Singapore students’ community.

In 2008-2009, he received the “Best Coach” and “Best School” awards presented by the Gwangju Taekwondo Association in South Korea.

He was named the “Best Coach” and “Best Referee” at the National Inter-school Competition in Singapore in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Master Yoon is also a team member of Taekwonmaru, South Korea’s amateur sparring team. He is also part of Team T.E.M.A under the Korea Extreme Martial Arts Association and Competition Team Black Belt Member of Team DOHAK Judo club under the Korea Judo Federation.

His personal experience as a father of a young boy allows him to have open communication with his young charges while striking a good balance in a traditional Master-Student relationship.

Master Yoon’s full credentials are as follows:

  • 6th Dan Black Belt conferred by Kukkiwon, South Korea
  • Sports for All Licence, South Korea (Level 2)
  • National Coaching Certificate, South Korea (Level 3)
  • Taekwonmaru, Member, South Korea
  • Team T.E.M.A under the Korea Extreme Martial Arts Association, Member, South Korea
  • Team DOHAK under the Korea Judo Federation, competition Team Black Belt Member, South Korea
  • National Coaching Accreditation Programme – NCAP, Singapore (Level 2)
  • Poomsae Coaching Certificate, Singapore (Level 3)
  • National Demonstration Team 2014, Member, Singapore
  • Sparring Referee, Singapore
  • Special Coach, Singapore
  • Certified First-Aider


Taekwondo Master Yoon Dae Ung