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JH Kim Taekwondo Institute -
Martial Arts Training for Kids, Teens & Adults


With a team of dedicated and experienced instructors led by Head Instructor Yoon Dae Ung, we strive to enable our students to meet their competitive and well-being aspirations.

We believe and abide by these school tenets:

Improvement of Mind and Body
We strive to achieve a harmonious balance in ourselves. The purpose of our school is not to produce tough and dangerous people, but to provide the means by which students bring out the best in themselves both physically and mentally. We provide balanced development for our members.

Ethical Self-Conduct
We advocate contributing to making this world a better and safer place for humanity, not through vigilantism, but through ethical self-conduct. Our students are instilled with the importance of responsible behaviour. As more people follow this path, the influence of ethical behaviour will grow stronger.

Unity Among Members
Our Dojang is a small international community in itself, with students from many nations and heritages. And yet, our love and practice of Taekwondo have brought us together. When we treat each other as family in our Dojang.