Who is this for?

Young adults and teenagers between the ages of 11 to 16 years old.

What will your child learn?

Through goal-oriented and challenging exercises and kids activities, your child will be introduced to the fundamentals to Taekwondo in:

  • Traditional Forms
  • Taegeuk (Modern) Forms
  • Kicks, punches, strikes and sweeps
  • Take-down skills
  • Ho Shin Sool (self-defence techniques)
  • Grappling techniques
  • Full range and integrated sparring
  • Competition (Olympic style) sparring

What are the benefits?

Teenage years are trying and that’s the time when teens will start to express themselves as individuals. They will be facing challenges in the emotional, physical and social aspects, and our martial arts programme for teenagers is structured in a manner which does not stifle their need for individualism, but provide a social environment for collective training and learning. There will be opportunity to be exposed to various facets of Taekwondo such as Sport Taekwondo versus Traditional Taekwondo, with the goal of realising the students’ full potential – physically and mentally. Students who have shown greater maturity and readiness may be introduced to specific adult classes to widen their learning scope.